We invite you to take one or both of the surveys used in this study. By participating, you are contributing your organization's data to the field-wide data set. In addition, you will receive complimentary summary reports with benchmark data and fresh insights to help you advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within your organization. All responses are confidential and shared only in aggregate.

  1. The Organizational Profile Survey collects data on organizational demographics and diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. One respondent (typically a senior leader) submits this survey on behalf of the participating organization. The survey takes about 30 minutes to complete.
  2. Organizations that participate in the Organizational Profile Survey also have the option to administer the Staff Experience Survey. This survey collects staff perceptions of the effectiveness of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and asks to what extent they promote the organization to others and intend to stay in it. The Staff Experience Survey takes about 15 minutes to complete.

    Send us an email to deisurvey@promise54.org and we'll contact you with everything you'll need to administer these surveys.

Thank you in advance for your vital input!

What does the Organization Profile Survey ask?
The survey asks about your organization's progress toward diversity, equity and inclusion. Questions are designed to understand:
  • What data on DEI do organizations track?
  • What is the demographic diversity at board, leadership, and staff levels across organizations?
  • What DEI policies, systems and practices have organizations established, which are most effective, and where is there opportunity for growth?
What if my organization doesn’t collect all the data in the survey?
We understand organizations have a variety of approaches to data collection, and there will likely be areas where you do not have the requested data. Understanding what organizations are and are not tracking is important data itself - in the participant report you can see how your responses compare to similar organizations.
What will I receive for participating?
Through your participation, you will:
  • Contribute to a national effort to advance DEI learning and action
  • Receive a complimentary report showing your organization in relation to benchmark organizations. Organizations that administer the staff experience survey will also receive a complimentary, in-depth summary and benchmark report linking the demographics and practices from the first survey to staff experience captured in the second survey.
Who will see my data?
All data will be kept strictly confidential by Promise54, a nonprofit dedicated to helping education organizations become more effective and achieve dramatic results. Results will be reported in aggregate in benchmark reports; no organization besides you and Promise54 will see your organization-level data.
Who should complete it?
The survey asks for data that you likely collect to manage human resources needs. We request one response per organization, and you may choose the best respondent (e.g., Chief Diversity Officer, Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director, or Chief Talent Officer/Chief Human Resources Officer).
How long will it take?
The Organization Profile Survey is completed by a single person for the whole organization, which should take approximately 30 minutes. The Staff Experience Survey is completed by all staff and takes about 15 minutes or less.
What if I have questions?
Please contact us: deisurvey@promise54.org.