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Survey demographics

See a profile of the survey respondents by organization type and size, plus race/ethnicity and gender representation by level of the organization.

DEI practices 

Discover which policies and practices related to diversity, equity, and inclusion are used most frequently by schools, nonprofits, funders, and others.

Staff experience

Find out how more than 5,000 staff members in dozens of organizations rate their DEI experiences, their intent to stay in the organization, and other factors.

It's not too late for your organization to take the surveys! Visit our survey FAQ page to learn how you can take one or both of the surveys used in this study. By participating, you are contributing your organization’s data to the field-wide data set. In addition, you will receive detailed, complimentary summary reports with benchmark data and insights.

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*The data set we use on this site is continually updated with the most recent survey submissions from the field, which grow over time. You may note therefore that figures presented in the Unrealized Impact paper will not match exactly to what you see here.